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Paint Touch Ups

Paintwork touch-ups and pencilling is a process where we repair your car paintwork to make your car look new again.(SMART repair). This enables us to renovate a complete car in a fraction of time and at the fraction of the costs of a traditional repairer. As a rule, our paintwork touch-ups are limited to bumper damage/ scuffs, mirror covers,  bonnet chips, door sills, door handles, door edges, mag wheels, paint chips and mouldings. This is an example of what we can do. Our paintwork is very affordable as we can do touch-ups in multiple places on a car at once and not charge per panel like your traditional repairer.

Why do you not do complete body panels?

In some cases, we would consider working on a complete panel. This will depend on where the damage is.  As a rule, we don't as we work with airbrushes and concentrate on small area repair for good quality work.

How good is the paintwork work?

The job is professionally done in a fairly short period of time. We work with airbrushes and are able to repair small areas saving you money. The colour matching is perfect as we don,t paint the whole panel.  No edge to edge panel colour matching or blending on to the next panel. The turnaround is as quick as 2 hours or the same day. We have done thousands of successful repairs.

What about guarantees?

Our guarantee is to satisfy the customer and our work guarantee is for 12 months.  However, our paint guarantee is covered for the lifetime of the repair.


Committed to saving you money.