Windscreen chips can always lead to a long crack. Windscreen cracks can become a safety hazzard and could possibly render your airbags ineffective.  So the sooner you repair a windscreen chip, the better. This avoids contamination

Headlights that are scratched, pitted and/or dull definitely look unsightly and devalue your car. They can also be a safety hazzard to you and your family as poor visibility can lead to accidents. Polycarbonate headlights can be skimmed to rem

      Car polishing is probable the easiest way to add value to your car.Dull or damaged paintwork can de-value your car and damage the paint even further.  Not only does it look unsightly, you are losing mone

Paint-less dent removal is the art of removing dents without painting.Pressure dents or car park dings de-value your car and look unsightly. These are normally small dents that have not damaged the paint.  They can be removed with

Paintwork touch-ups and pencilling is a process where we repair your car paintwork to make your car look new again.(SMART repair). This enables us to renovate a complete car in the fraction of time and at the fraction of the costs of a

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